Plush Services Rates

Hourly (no minimum)   

Discounted for 4 Hours and more!   

Additional for Holidays and 24hr Staffing

Bartender * Wait Staff * Promo Staff * Bottle Service Attendant * Coat Check * Door Attendant * Security                         

 *priced per event*


Event Coordinator

Beverage Consultants

$15.00 Booking fee per Staff


**Discounts available for multiple services!!!!**

Plush Packages


Included in this package are some of the most affordable Well Liquors. These liquors contain a smooth taste which is marvelous for drinks on the rocks. The selections are precisely selected as to not have an overwhelming taste for those specialty and mixed drinks.

Selections Include:

Bowman Vodka * Gordon Vodka

Bowman Rum * Brugal Rum

Pepe Lopez Tequila

Bowman Gin * Gordon Gin

McMasters Whiskey

Dewars Scotch

Jim Bean Bourbon


For just a hint more in price, included in this package are some of the more popular Call Brands. Many of these selections are prodigious on their own but used frequently in many of specialty shots and shooters.

Selections Include:

Absolut Vodka * Stolichnaya Vodka

Cruzan Rum * Malibu Rum

Jose Cuervo * 1800

Beefeater Gin * Seagrams Gin

Canadian Club Whiskey

Johnnie Walker Scotch

Jack Daniels Bourbon

Black Tie

For a little taste of the good life, this package includes some of the most exclusive spirits. The silky entry of most of these selections allow for a smooth finish with an enjoyable taste .

Selections Include:

Greygoose * Kettle One

Bacardi Rum * Meyers

Don Julio * Patron

Bombay Sapphire * Tanqueray

Crown Royal


Maker's Mark

Tour 'de Vine

These selections include a variety of wines from different regions.

*Free food pairing available upon request